Through the organization of the annual Catch competition, we endorse the ideas of the Cyber Security Month in 2022, thus contributing to building a more secure Internet environment and cyberspace. The competition is organised by the CESNET Association.

Announcements (bugs, downtimes, etc.)

Basic Information

The Rewards

Negotiating about rewards is under process :-)

How to join the Competition

  1. Please read the Competition rules and/or FAQ
  2. Register yourself once the registration is open, i.e. create a player account in the CTF platform (nickname, e-mail and password need to be filled in).
  3. Start solving the challenges:
    • Choose any of the challenges from the list. The challenges have some prerequisites, which has to be met before the challenge is accessible. Visible challenges can be solved in whatever order.
    • Read the challenge assignment carefully.
    • Download the file(s) for the analysis or visit the stated URL.
    • Perform the analysis (when correctly performed, you should be able to discover the flag in format FLAG{xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx} or flag{xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx}).
    • Insert the flag into the platform (to verify its correctness and acquire the points). The number of attempts is limited (the flag should be acquired by analysis not guessed).